Centrala termica BOSCH Gaz 4000 ZWA24-2 AE 24 kw


The Bosch Gas 4000 W, a 24 kW forced draft gas fired central heating plant, is a combustion plant that offers the user both enhanced heating comfort and domestic hot water because of the new improved bitermic heat exchanger of copper.
It contains the exhaust gas kit.

The use is simple and the service can be done quickly because the boiler has a LED display and an ergonomic control panel. Its design is modern and attractive, its operation is silent, and due to its small size, the device can be installed in the narrowest spaces, even in the niches. In addition, the plant is compatible with a solar installation via a solar kit (accessory), which can be installed at the same time as the boiler or after it is installed.

User Benefits:

  • – Increased comfort of domestic hot water
  • – Compact dimensions
  • – Ideal for placement in narrow spaces
  • – Economical consumption of methane gas
  • – Safe operation
  • – Easy to use
  • – Silent operation
  • – Modern and attractive design

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Centrala termica BOSCH Gaz 4000 ZWA24-2 AE 24 kw

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